IOS Game 

Science or Zorcery is a game where players compete over the maximum amount of points by assembling the words sos/soz/zos in a fixed grid. The storyline alows the players to choose a side to play for - either the science where the player is aided by giant robots/mechs and mechanical tech skills or for the zorcery side where a one eyed shaman ogre will help him through.


By playing either side the player could develop one of the two storylines, unlocking special skills to aid him in play and special rewards-thropies.

Your score varies accordingly with the combinations you make on the game field.

Assembling a multicolored combo will provide you with more points than combining your chosen side jewels.

Science or Zorcery is a personal project developed by:

Dev Team: Bruno Sousa, Tiago Sousa
Creative Team: Francisco Melo, Hugo Passarinho


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