Client: Erika Alexander - Ben Arnon
Project: Rebranding Color Farm Media

In order re-create Color Farm´s identity it was needed to endorse and stay true to their base goals while expressing a brand that was creative and fresh.

Ben Arnon (blockchain tech entrepeneur) and Erika Alexander (Hollywood actress and comic book writter) cofounded Color Farm Media in 2017. Color Farm´s goal is to raise issues, breed diversity, nurturing perspectives. Growing talent.
Color Farm aims to develop and produce premium-quality, diverse film, tv and digital content for this new media borderless world.

Each letter in the logo is created through color opposition in a geometric yet abstract manner, playing with perspectives inside boxes. Therefore creating a unique alphabet, singular in expression and with a graphic presence that translates the Color Farm concept in all media channels.

"Color Farm is the modern destination for emerging, undervalued, multicultural film and TV talent. We’re building an IP company where one idea can grow into content for multiple platforms,platforms that address the New Majority. It’s organic.It’s grassroots. It's not Hollywood."

Erika Alexander

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